The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cat in the Hat

Or rather Library Media Assistant in Hat! Had a great time today highlighting Dr. Seuss! Had all my books out and about on the tables. Made a great announcement for this morning. Remembered I had some 'Cat in the Hat' hats up in my closet, so I wore one all day. I had fun when I could be out in the halls and the students were like "Nice hat Mrs. W!" Got the last official worksheet for the computer labs so I could plug in the teacher's. I sent a notice to Mrs. K today and she thanked me. Mr. G I reminded for tomorrow. I'll send out a notice the day before, just to remind them. Have our moving white board noted, signs for the doors. Had our first two classes in today to practice. Had two classes in to check out books. Got more of our new books out. Shelved all the 001's through the 600's today plus the 741's. They really needed it! Sent off 20 of our Peak books to Stephens for them to borrow. Checked in all the voice recorders Mrs. V used and had to pull the batteries since it'll be awhile before they are used again. A very, very nice day!

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