The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today was pretty quiet. I realized as I was putting together my windowboard that I had picked my favorite string colors, which were exactly the map colors and did not show up well at all! Back to the store and got some hot pink that will be much better! More visible at least! Sent out an email about our math inventory to see how everyone else was doing. Laminated tonight. Checked in and out. Got almost all the non-fiction shelved except the ones behind the tables set up for testing in the computer lab. Talked to Scholastic about the Book Fair. Got in a replacement book and got it all rebarcoded and ready for a student to pick up tomorrow. Checked out a class set of Roll of  Thunder, Hear My Cry for a teacher today. Just a pretty quiet day since the library was pretty much a 'ssshhhh!' zone because of testing in the lab. Tomorrow will be busy! Lots of classes coming in to pick up books! Got two carts all ready to go before I left tonight! Loved to get a good walk in during my lunch. So fabulous out today!

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