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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Historical Fiction

Today was historical fiction day! I had five classes coming in to check some out! After I did my pic for my 'Beast Mode' statue, I ran off a report and started getting together historical fiction. Since our two front tables are now in the computer lab to hold extra laptops for testing, I pulled out a plastic portable table and put that up in the front of the library and put books all over it. Then I also had a cart there as well. I checked in and out four of those classes myself! I went through the shelves after every class and put out more books on the table since they looked at those first. Got our new phones today and the ring tone is crazy modernish! Surprised me the first time it rang! I also put together the extensions pages we were sent and got them all on one page (thank goodness!). One of our IA's came down to make copies, and I showed it to her and she was "I want one!" So I made a copy for her, then our office manager too. She was happy! Put up a windowboard for our Scholastic book fair and my preview books to be given away to a lucky teacher! The students can vote on who will get all 11 books! I found little flowers and stars to blow up and attach to the frame and on the window! Fun! Nearly forgot to get money for the book fair, so stopped by after work at the bank so we'd have change. Took down all the boxes from the book fair carts and started setting up the back room stuff - I just can't leave it out. Even got in some coloring books! Laminated today. I had to do this huge map of Oregon that just fit if I folded it down the length, then I had to trim and open it back up. It did turn out really well and Mr. G was very pleased with it. He's going to have kids show where they went over the weekend on the map. Very nice! Great day! Because you know, I'm a library beast!

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