The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All Together Now!

Great day today with all the students back at school. I handed out schedules for a bit, then headed back to the library and I had two library aides waiting for me! Exciting! They are both great girls and I am excited to have them. We did tours, and I gave them some lessons on how to check out. Nearly forgot about taking attendance, then went, oh no!! Ran into the office and since everything's been updated, had a bit of a problem figuring out how to do it! I ended up calling our attendance lady to say 'they are here!! I just figured it out!!' And she laughed! They are really getting on attendance this year and for the next couple of weeks are going to personally call each family if a student is absent, so attendance is very important!! They are my only aides for the whole day! So, they will be busy!! Got to do a 6th grade orientation to the library today and checked out books. Still did major hall monitoring for the bank of lockers near the library. Checked out books today, huzzah!! Figured out a hook up in our LRC classroom. Helped train students coming in to use the copier. Got my this year's information cards filled out and up to the office. Put in a tablecloth and my Mt. Denali quilted wall hanging in the Beautiful Room. Dug up a basket tray to put in there too and ordered some new markers and colored pencils to put in there with the paper I put on the tray. Had our techs in working on making sure our search computers were up and running, generic logins and pulling up the search engines when they loaded in. Got generic logins on the checkout desk computers so I don't have to use mine. Had to put out more books!! So happy to see the racks getting emptied out. Had two study halls and a class all come and check out books. Made me smile! Lots coming in tomorrow! Hope I can keep great books up and ready for check outs!

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