The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Caber Tossing

That's what it felt like today as I moved the six big poster rolls from my workroom to the copy room and had to get them out of boxes and onto the rack! Either that or Sumo wrestling. But our rack is now full and ready for bulletin boards and posters galore! They've been in there for about a week, and I finally had time today to take care of that! Got in the rest of  The BFG for Ms. B and had my aides take that up to her before classes started this morning. Seeing as how it was Mr. Dahl's birthday today, so glad they came in for that! Sent off 35 copies of  The Outsiders to Mr. H at Houck, aka Ponyboy. Gave three quick mystery/suspense/horror talks for classes today. Got in 60 copies of Ancient World so I can give those out to students tomorrow since we were short and lovely schools shared with us. Finished up the two math classes for Mr. G with the Kercheski method. Then I went up the stairs to his room three times to get the math books to him before classes started! Checked out a cart that had come from a teacher's room to see what needed to be checked in and what was not barcoded. Cleaned the projector filter for Mrs. C when I first got in this morning. Had the techs in to get the computers all set up for the NetSupport program and they helped the students who were having trouble signing in. Did some laminating for me and for a couple of other teachers. Sent an email to South to ask whatever happened to the copy of Blue Highways they were sending for a teacher (it was early last week) and to ask for a copy of a book for a boy here. Had to check out two of the classes of the mystery/suspense/horror books all by myself. Busy all lunch checking in and out books. I put over 5 miles on my Fitbit today! I'm tired!

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