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Friday, September 23, 2016

Mandatory Training

I finally took the time today to finish my Mandatory Training. I think this is the longest I've ever taken to get it done. I started, then of course, life and the day moved in. I did get 100% even though it took me until 2nd period because of all the interruptions! Helping students here, working with my aides. We had a ton of books to put away, so I had them take the books in their sections and put them on a cart in order. That way I could see what they were doing out there in the stacks. They did really well, a couple of issues, but we'll work on those. I also had to look for a science book and ended up going through all the red science books (five sets of 300+/- each. I didn't find it, but I did get a couple of shelves back in the right order. I also had to make sure my extra sub instructions were all current since I have to call about jury duty Sunday night. That took awhile as well! Amazing how much I had to change! Had to reset a bunch of passwords for students that were in the lab doing some spanish work. Three of the computers were unplugged from the back of the hard drive, so I plugged those in this morning before they came down. Let the students play Cool Math games at B lunch (A lunch couldn't because the spanish students were in there) and after locking four different computers for not being on the right site I finally just blanked them all and had the students leave the lab. They only had about a minute left to go anyways. Got copier paper in finally and moved that to where I keep it. Moved the new spanish workbooks into my office. Cleaned up my office desk so if there's a sub on Monday it won't look so messy in there!! Spent the last few moments putting new books out on top of the shelves, closing the blinds, making sure everything is ready for Monday. Got three books ready to send to another school. A very busy day, but a lot accomplished! 

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