The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finally Banned!

I had forgotten about Banned Book Week! How did that happen?? So I made up for it today by printing up some stuff from the ALA website and made this cool jail for the wall just outside the library! I love it! So cute! Got all the spanish books barcoded and ready to go and had students come in today to check them out. Put away the rest of the non-fiction and then took down and put away all the books on my display shelving so I could put up banned books up there. I finished putting away all the graphic novels for my 5th period aide, she was a bit overwhelmed I think! I got everything back in order and rearranged the shelves so they won't be so tippy. Checked in and out three classes today. Helped a teacher with her computer. Did some laminating. Did some book repair. I had two copies of Miss Peregrine's I really needed to fix and let students check out since we have a waiting list and I repaired some other books as well. Added in a few more books to my order list. A very busy day!

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