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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Beautiful Room

Loved getting lots of things done today. A great opening meeting for the morning, then getting the library into shape for our 6th graders that come in on Tuesday! All books up on the shelves looking so ready to check out! Tables all in their ADA configuration! Laminating done! And I cleaned out the back room. There is my office, then our Instructional Coaches office then another small room that has become a cluttered up room. It has been used for small groups, but this year we have a teacher who needs a space during 4th period, and I wanted to make a room that would be for kids who need a space to just hang out and chill for awhile. I imagined a place with a couple of comfy chairs, a few books for inspiration, a table so small groups could still meet in there. So today, our teacher workroom that was used for our marketing class that is no more, was open and there were things in there, so I moved in three metal desks, a TV on a cart and a few other odds and ends and swept the room, rearranged the desk and table in there and put in two chairs and a little cart. I got some bookends and put in some Chicken Soup books and a few other poetry books, Staying Strong by Demi Lovato on the cart and I will do more when I have some more time. It looks so much nicer in there! I am so happy! Could use nicer chairs, I'll bring in a tablecloth for the cart, maybe a vase or something - small lamp?? Maybe some creative pieces, paper, markers for people to use, explore the issues in their life. I thought we could name it, so right now I'm calling it the Beautiful Room since anyone that goes in there is a beautiful person :) So very happy with all I got done!

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