The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Order In

Today I spent a mass amount of time on getting my order in and done and sent for approval. I had a lot of books that had issues, so I ended up ordering more. I couldn't log into the site at first, but had the wrong entrance to it, so I figured that out and got in. Batch loaded my books I've been working on since May. Added in other books. Looked through our approved list and picked some books off that list. Had to wade through all the different formats for a title (audio, CD, ebook, hardback, paperback, reinforced) quite the interesting day, but I think I had it all pretty well taken care of in the end. Got some more books out of repairs, did some more repairs. Got every book put away before the weekend - I love to end a Friday with everything put away! A great effort on ordering just made my day that I could turn that all in! Can't wait to see them come in!

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