The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chrome Cows

Today I went to our Chrome book training we had in the library. Very interesting how Chrome books work. Now I need to learn all about them! I'm sure teachers will ask me 'how....' and other interesting questions. I am intrigued, I'll admit! There are so many ways I could share about books with our staff and students! Another busy day of check outs and two more book talks. I had to give out class sets of Shapes and Designs because I was two classes short of books. I talked with our IC about it and she said our population rose about 150 students this year she thought she had heard. No wonder I'm running short. Then I did check out three classes of Prime Time. Worked with my aides today on straightening shelves and correct shelving. Finding it harder and harder to put out new books on the display, they are all getting checked out! Had a teacher send down three girls who spent their time goldfishing (just walking around the library in circles) and giggling and finally left without checking out any books at all, so I let their teacher know. All in all another great day in the library. Put my painting in the Beautiful Room and the coloring pages. Put up a football READ poster and stapled on book cover images I printed on football books. I think I like it! Next idea for display, a stump with the Giving Tree book and more of Shel Silverstein.

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