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Monday, September 26, 2016

Jury Duty - Not!

Today I had to report for jury duty. I was kind of excited! I've had notices for 20 years and had never had to appear until today! I was excited! I created my absence last night, and headed off to the court this morning. Checked in, read, played sudoku, then they had the people called for grand jury leave the room and we were told our case had just been settled and we were free to leave after watching a video. So we watched and I headed off to get gas, then thought, I need to call and our office manager said "Yes! You need to come back to work!!" No hiking then! So I headed into work and had to tell my lovely sub he had to go home. It's amazing how behind you can get with being gone for 3 hours! I was running all day. I put a ton of books away, cleared off the back table. Checked out two sets of science books. Had two classes come in to return and then check out new books. Had both lunches in, but then I was really upset at B lunch. I came out into the main library space and there was a shelf down on the floor with books in a heap all around it. No one had come to me. When I asked, no one admitted to doing it. I was pissed off!! It was picked up and cleaned up by the time lunch was over, though I did have to go back and put the books in order, at least they were on the shelf. Pulled a report on lost books to finish up my ordering, but didn't get much done there. A very busy time at work today and I was glad to head off to home! 

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