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Friday, September 16, 2016

First Full Week Done

I was so surprised this morning to realize I had no one scheduled to do anything in the library today! I got to spend some great one on one time with students and helping them to find a 'just right' book. I think I had one boy really excited about the World War II series by Lynch. He said he didn't like to read, and mostly just played games, so I mentioned that maybe he'd like to read some war novels and see how tactics played out and that might help him gaming. The look on his face was a 'oh, I never thought of that, what a great idea!' At least I was hoping that's what it looked like! Another was a girl who only read graphic novels, really very easy stuff. I saw on her account that she'd read a few Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, so she can read. I picked out an Odd Squad, then as I was watching her rove around, decided no, she needed something still fairly light, but that was much edgier. So we settled on Avi's Seer of Shadows. They both seemed to be interested in those choices. I actually got some books covered today as well and thanks to a 'did you check the P drive' I found all my book order lists!! I was so happy!! Now I don't have to try and recreate it, because I never could have! I took down my 9/11 display, got all the books put away (well, at least until lunch). Did a couple of repairs. A much easier day and oh yes, took home a stack of books. One of them is an OBOB book since we'll be meeting Monday at the Ram to talk about which 10 out of the 16 we want to use for our meet.

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