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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Order Time

So excited that we got to speak with our Baker and Taylor rep today and get the low down on our ordering! I was really looking forward to meeting with her so I can get that order in that I was working on since last May! But I couldn't find it on my computer. I will never be able to recreate all the great books I found, series to fill. I am one very unhappy book order person from that respect. :( I can't believe that's gone. I sent in a tech ring to help me find it, so I hope it's around, somewhere. Did booktalks all day long today. Two for 8th graders and three for the 7th graders. I was scrambling between classes trying to get another set of books to talk about! They would usually check out the books I talked about so I'd have to find new ones for the next group. Put books up to fill in holes on the rack and on the shelves. I was running all day. Then I had to leave early for our meeting. It's not too far away, but they said parking could be an issue. So as soon as school was nearly done, I turned on the laminator and was laminating like crazy. Trying to get the library very beautiful looking since it was parents night at school. I won't be there, but just in case someone poked their head into the library, I wanted them to be impressed. A very busy, crazy day. But I loved it (except losing my excel sheet with all my books on it!!).

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