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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bien dit!

Finally the rest of the new French workbooks and teacher resources are here! I processed in the teacher resources and unpacked all the workbooks. Ms. B will be in tomorrow to let me know how she wants them processed for her kids and if she wants them covered or not. Had to play a DVD this morning for Advisory and had juniors again in my computer lab this morning for updating their CIS transcripts. The computers worked fine and they got a lot of work done filling in classes, credits and grades. Had students bring back Student Tape Manuals for refunds, handed out Bienvenidos workbooks. Checked out a student who is moving out of town, he brought in all his books and he is clear to go from our part of the checklist. Got in a ton of magazines for processing today, three for teachers, and BMX Plus, Orion, Smithsonian, The New Yorker, Shape, Shonen Jump, National Geographic Traveler, Spin, Sports Illustrated, there were a lot! Also unboxed and began to process the Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Volume 1 that were sent over from South. Put money in print accounts today, checked in and out books and stayed after work to be the adult supervisor for the Manga Club since Mrs. H is under the weather. The library was buzzing all day long and I love it when students are engaged, excited and getting work done! Well said!

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Batgirl said...

I, too, love it when the library is BUSY! Too bad I was not there to enjoy it! Hopefully I'll be back next week! :) Thank you Debbie for keeping the show running smoothly!