The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thrasher's Back!

Processed in magazines this morning. Five teacher magazines and seven for the library. People, Newsweek, Time, The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, Discover and Thrasher! We used to get in Thrasher which is a teen skateboard magazine and when they left the magazine wholesaler, they got dropped off our list. So this year, I made sure we got a new subscription to them and yeah! Some of these kids will be so happy to see it! I put it back in its spot on the rack and I'll be looking to see when it gets read! I'm very happy since I had a lot of kids asking for it. Processed ten additional Bienvenidos workbooks off our new pile for check out. I checked out one, and also handed out a lot today from kids that bought their own. I helped a student look for his book and when we couldn't find it, suggested a 2 Textbooks Out slip for him to take home, and he did. I cleaned off the shelves by my desk, getting rid of some extra books and setting them on a cart to be put away tomorrow by our aides. Repaired a book on roller coasters. Spent most of the day working on cataloguing the science comments again. One more box of stuff to go and what we have on hand will be all accounted for. I keep finding other stuff as well and will need to clean up some more in Trac-it. The students were only here half day today as the sophomores did the PSAT test. There was a staff meeting in the library this afternoon, then it was pretty quiet for the rest of the day.

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