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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Got all the Algebra Connections Vol. 1 finished up this morning, with much thanks to Ms. M! She is amazing! We had two classes come down and check them out this afternoon. Also got in our new-to-us Prentice Hall Literature Gold books in. They've been refurbished and should be around for awhile. Though I did find two I will probably send back for highlighting and marking in the text. Stories are timeless and these classic texts have already been around since 1989, so they are a bit worn, and lost. So, with this set we should be good for another eon of student use! I did some clean up on this title in Trac-it, checking out how long books have been lost (some were lost back in 2000, I don't think they will show up!), or when they were billed (insert lost comment here). I found a gap in numbering and numbered them in there and won't have to move too many shelves I hope! Though now I think we will run into the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books and will have to move them down. Processed a teacher magazine and Shape magazine. Contacted another school about the books they've lent us, but have disappeared. Again, these are from 2000 or so (Y2K??). I spent some time with another of the librarians who has moved to the textbook side at another high school and gave her some detailed instructions on withdrawing things from Trac-it. She was very appreciative. We had three damaged Physical Science with Earth Science books that we sent off and got the replacements in today. Worked a little bit on the calendar, but didn't find the right ribbon, so off after work today to get in the right stuff so I can finish tomorrow. I also sent out an email to all staff for them to bring in ribbons for family and friends to put on the calendar to honor those who have/are battling cancer. Our governing board is also doing something for the month, I got an email from their advisor so hopefully we can send people either way.

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