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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Worked on some of the set up for NaNoWriMo for next month. Laminated an old poster we had on our graphic novel roll out bookshelf that keeps falling over. This should fix him up! Emailed Mr. W on the science books we got in late yesterday. Checked in and out texts. Checked the book I glued yesterday and it was ready to go back on the shelf. Tried to log in on the mainframe again to bill students and again it told me I was prohibited access! I sent in a lifering request to tech support services. Processed in some teacher materials for a novel set. Checked out World Literature to the block class. Worked on a project with the Physical Science with Earth Science teacher materials. When I originally processed them in, there were so many pieces that I couldn't see making a new entry for every separate workbook, so I just lumped them all together under the main teacher text code. I had a teacher come to me last summer asking what he had out, and I said he had out a PSw/ES. He asked me which one, and I couldn't tell him. Very frustrating for both of us. So I thought that each barcode has a comment section and I could put all that information in the comment section and have it available for everyone. So, I could look up a barcode and tell him (or her), "Oh, that's a chapter resource, fast file on Stars and Galaxies - a little thin paperback with about 40 pages" and if they wanted to really know, the ISBN number for that particular product. I got in nearly all the PSw/ES materials today that we have on hand. Tomorrow is a Statewide Inservice Day. We are on furlough for that day, but since I have been working on the committee, I will attend the Oregon Association of School Librarians conference for tomorrow and Saturday. Tomorrow I attend a book repair workshop and tour the State Library. Saturday I shall present a workshop on NaNoWriMo and just help out for the day. Mrs. H is the chairperson for the conference and she is an amazing lady with who, what and how she gets things done! We are so lucky to have her here at Sprague! She brings that same attitude and 'let's get this done' work ethic into our library every day.

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Batgirl said...

Once again I must comment that it is YOU who motivates me to "Git Er Done!" I spend most of my day just trying to keep up with you! If I am Batgirl, you definately are Wonder Woman! I should buy you some cool braclets! :)