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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cart Full of Science

Today I finished up labeling all the shelves and redid all the endcap directories. The directories had so many markings on them of new stuff that it was getting a bit ridiculous. I had a father come in and talk with me about the Bienvenidos workbooks for Spanish - I explained to him about the new teachers, the extra classes that appeared and we had no idea that so many would be in them last spring! He was very nice and I gave him the ISBN number and told him to check Bookbyte. Gave out a lot of computer login numbers today. Helped a student print out song lyrics for a class, and another with how to change to page orientation. Put a book away on a shelf and for some reason, another book caught my eye, so I pulled it off the shelf and it had come unhinged! So I took it up to Ms. M since she had the new glue bottle for that kind of repair and glued it back together and put some Human Anatomy books on top of it (they are really heavy!). Checked in and out books during the day. Loaded up two carts of World Literature books for checkout tomorrow for a block class. Ms. S came in this afternoon saying they'd be down 8th period for them. Logged in the upfront print cash. Processed in four of the Buen Viaje workbooks for check out. Mr. M said we could do two each (student tape manual and student writing manual). We had a student checking on that so she came back and I checked her out a set. Deleted some old texts out of Trac-it. Mr. N came in with some students and they asked if they could check out the Gardner's Art Through the Ages CD's, so I got them out of the back and checked them out to the students. After they were done, some students checked them back in, but some kept them. Lastly I had Mr. S come up with a whole cart of old science texts and bits and pieces of things they were cleaning up. Some were old Biology that we had surplussed out during the science adoption summer of 2008. Others were materials teachers had picked up from various sources. I will contact Mr. W tomorrow and see if he wants to come by and see if they want any of these kept just for teacher reference. I also again asked our wonderful techie guys to loan me a camera to take pictures of my bulletin boards so I could post them. They are angels! You can check out the October 1st post and the 'Monday Training Blues' post from October 6th!

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