The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I came in and sent off my evaluation for the PowerPoint class I took. Checked and answered e-mails. We received an e-mail from Mr. M that he was holding hostage several Lord of the Flies, so I checked them out to him. Who is now holding who? I unloaded and checked in the longed-for Bienvenidos workbooks and let the spanish teachers, the department head and our bookkeeper know they were in. I repaired a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin. I got into the Main Frame and billed the kids that damaged the Signing Naturally DVD's. I was not feeling well. My mother had emergency brain surgery on Saturday to evacuate and drain a blood clot and the stress of that and a really horrid tasting can of soup Sunday night caught up with me. I had thrown up that morning and felt a lot better, so I went in. However when I started to really drag and felt every minute was about an hour and got dry mouth, I knew I wasn't being productive and not sure of what I really had (not wanting to spread anything around) so I went to Mrs. H and told her I was sick, went to the office and signed out for the day. My first sick day. (btw, my Mom is doing well and after some rehab should be back to her normal self!)

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