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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lost is Found

I've been wondering where one of our flat carts has gone off to and I found it last night as I left the orchestra concert - it was just sitting in the commons off to the side - I wonder how it got there? The cello quartet was amazing and I asked Mrs. H (via email - she is sick) if we could have the quartets come and play in the library once a week. That would be fabulous! We had homecoming assembly today, so we opened the library to 140 kids and I patrolled them as they hung out. It was fun to talk with and see what they're doing and watching a few LOL cats is always good for a laugh. Finished up the new-to-us Foundations of Algebra books today, worked on repairs, and seemed to just be answering a lot of questions all day. Our French teacher wants some of the activity workbooks returned and wants some vocab/grammar workbooks in their place. We checked the PO# and found that we never paid for the activity workbooks, they were just a gimme from the publisher. So we will see what we can work out.

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Batgirl said...

I think hosting mini-orchestras in the library during lunch is a GREAT idea! We will have to talk to the orchestra teacher and get them arranged!