The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diabetic Vampires

Ms. M comes to me to tell me a kid checked out a book on someone with diabetes and brought it back because it was about vampires. Mrs. H came back and said yes, it is about diabetes! Too funny! Checked in and put away The Arrival and Immigrant Kids from Ms. O. I had one book with a funky bar code, so I fixed it. I also had to fix a barcode from a Calculus book that was turned in. Mrs. S called and asked if I could look up a book from a student that graduated in 2005! I looked and no, it wasn't there. Mr. W needed me to send him a PO#. I had put a book into the mail, and after a week it was still there because the delivery driver needed a pick-up ticket from Mr. W before he could pick it up! So, he is sending that. Checked out The Adoration of Jenna Fox and checked in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Processed five teacher magazines and Time, Newsweek and Popular Photography for the library. Checked out Abraham Lincoln's DNA for Mrs. A's genetics class. We had a chance to get more Foundations of Algebra books so I immediately pounced on getting the Year 2 Volume 1 books that we are always so short of. I then sent an email to our math Department Chair to see if she wanted any of the others. I also printed up some posters to put around school for National Novel Writing Month and had the aides tape them up around school. My announcement didn't get read, so I wrote and asked if they could read it tomorrow and Thursday. I worked on more of The American Experience, doing some additional taping and gluing. Can I say again, I just love my job? It's my sweet spot!

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