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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Book Projects

Thursday October 29th: Finished up covering books. I also transferred over the books that were out to the now retired Mr. M to Mr. H. Four pages worth! Ms. K came in looking for an ExamView Pro for the Physical Science with Earth Science teacher resources and she couldn't find one, so I went back and found one for her. Looked through all the art panals we have in the back to have an art theme for the library this month. A parent needs to replace a text and I gave her the ISBN number so she could search for one. I let her know that these were fairly new texts, so the odds of her finding one cheaper were slim. So we'll see if she does. I had a stack of books waiting for me to work on, just little odds and ends of stuff that needed to be cleaned up. Some needed to be cleared from billing and my Main Frame ID would again, not let me in! I sent a 'life ring' to the tech department that again, I had 'prohibited access' on my screen, so frustrating! They usually fix it, I can get on, then a few days later when I access it again, it locks me out! Last time they even gave me a new password! Argh! I also had a student today that needed some homework help, so she pulled up a chair to my desk and sat across from me and I helped her out a bit, but she did most of the work all by herself. Some kids just need to know someone is watching and there to help. She was happy she got it all done. That was a nice moment.

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