The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I only have two other American Experience books left in my repair pile. They just needed some extra gluing and they'll be done tomorrow! Then I get to load up another cart and start with a new batch. We had a parent come in today who got a bill for damages to a Physical Science with Earth Science book. He wanted to see the actual damage and it is currently checked out to another student. I took him up to administration and he talked with one of our administrators and decided he'd have his student come into the library for a couple of mornings and work off the charge. So the student will learn something about the library and hopefully take that with him. We had the little preschool kids in today and trick or treat in the library. They were so cute! I loved the little girl with the batgirl costume since Mrs. H's outside world name is 'batgirl' (due to batgirl being the librarian in Gotham City Mrs. H tells the litle girl). I emailed a publisher for prices on The World of Fashion Merchandising. I told him 10-15 copies and he needed a definite number. So, I asked for 2 quotes, one for 10 copies and one for 15. *sigh* We had a student, the same one from the other day that was really pushing my buttons. So, I caught him today again looking at gamer sites, so I spoke to him. Then I told Mrs. H about him and she went to talk with him. He ended up going back to class and talking with his teacher and she will be talking to us about him. We always want our kids to be successful, but he needs to follow the same rules that any other kid has to follow. I think we made some positive connections with his teacher and hopefully things will be better from here on out. I spent the rest of my time covering books. Finished up the Freakonomics and the First Aid books.

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