The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Went back to numbering shelves today, and thought I'd clean up the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum list so that I could get some more room. Deleted off books that have had no action since 2004. I finished up numbering the shelves and scooched over the Respect for Acting, and two other small sets of books and had enough room. Processed a teacher magazine, Time, Newsweek and New Yorker. We got in some new Buen Viaje workbooks and I notified the Spanish teachers and our bookkeeper as to the amounts now available. We had our October classified staff meeting this morning and talked about being sure we were getting in breaks and lunches; treating all of our Sprague community members the same way we'd like to be helped; vacation time and procedure; our furlough days for the year (like this Friday is a non-work, non-paid day - before we'd have an inservice activity and get paid for that), there will be three this year. Took about 45 minutes. This afternoon I was monitoring the computer lab and one student that I know was on an inappropriate site. I was shocked and went up to him letting him know that he should not be on there. He was very contrite. He sent me an email apologizing and also came into the workroom and apologized again, face to face. Sometimes you just have to be a mom to these guys and let them know how things may turn out down the road. I hope he takes my advice and makes the choice to stop that behavior. I was really disappointed in that. Just before I left I got a phone call from a woman wanting to have information on our author visit of Lauren Kessler (she wrote one of the books highlighted for the Oregon Sesquicentennial - Stubborn Twig). I had no idea she was coming, but I looked it up to see that she will be at Sprague on Friday for the Social Studies Statewide Inservice day. I didn't know if the general public could come, so I checked with the office and they didn't know either, so I transferred her to our Office Manager for more information.

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