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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heroes in White Vans

This morning my hubby takes off and I didn't have the spare key to the other car! So, he played hero by getting back in our white van and bringing me keys. Then off to my mom's to pick up her suitcase and pack with clothes for her stay at rehab, and as I pull away from her garage, the car dies and refuses to start. I call Mrs. H to tell her I'll be in as soon as I can and she quips a "I'll come and pick you up!" and soon another white van with Mrs. H's smiling face pulls up and takes me into work. It's so nice to have heroes in your life :) When I finally got to work I had an e-mail from Mr. S that he'd like his class to pick up the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books so I quick reply that they'll be ready, throw a class set on a cart and moments later they arrive and we check out the class set quick and easy. Mrs. P also needed books, the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books and with the set we just got in from Follett and Ms. M's wonderful repair skills, we had plenty for two class sets (and still some to spare!). Mrs. P came in with her class around noon and they were pretty excited to see the books were in very nice shape instead of the bedraggled Velveteen Rabbitish books that have been hutching on the shelves. Finished up comments on the science books. I could still do some more tweaking - isn't it funny how you go along then think, 'wow, this could be added for more clarity' - but I will do that later. Processed three teacher magazines and a Sports Illustrated and Seventeen for the library. Then I cleaned up the spinner rack with the older issues and straightened it out. Monitored the computer lab and told a student not to be sitting on a photo long enough for me to get a screen shot. He said he wouldn't, but it was in a forum post, again, I said, please don't look at it long enough for me to get a screen shot - I'm slow and not real quick. I'm happy to report that Thrasher was much appreciated today and I found it in two different places in the library. I did some repairs on The American Experience books, getting some spine gluing done and set. Then we got in our 60 extra Analysis Vol. 1 copies, so I got them ready to process in. As I cleaned out the green computer lab, I found a book shelf had broken a hook and was falling down, so I got some new pegs and fixed it, reading the shelf. Mr. B was nearby and leant a helping hand so most of the books didn't crash on the floor! Another hero for the day! I also checked out two students today, one off to the online classes, another moving over the mountains. Took in a 2 Textbooks out slip from a mom, checked in and out books, the usual - maybe I should call it CICO?

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