The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


That was my first count of the inventory I started today on library books. We had 53 copies of the 100's on the shelves and they were all there! Yeah! So a good trial run on getting the computer up and running. Made bookmarks for National Library Week. Got a great email from Mrs. H saying to all her assistants, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I thought maybe it was just for me, but no, it was for all of us that work for her ;)  Had to put headphones on all the computers tonight after school was out because they will start the SBAC tomorrow. I tested each headphone to make sure it was working correctly and three of them only worked on one side. Sent off an email to technology about putting the Leslie generic login on just certain computers in the school so kids can't use them elsewhere. Parent meeting tonight so I cleaned off all the tables before I left and left the windows up so everyone can see outside. I could see fresh snow on the mountains today. Sometimes the views just make me stop in my tracks in wonder.

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