The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Had quite a few projects to work on today. One was our calculators. We had two different designations for the same one. I ended up taking them all, checking them out to me. We had 6 that no longer had barcodes on them, so the ones that were 'available' I took those barcodes and made barcodes for the uncoded ones, then claimed the other available ones 'lost'. Worked out well. Those were the TI-108's. Then I worked on a little batch of TI-83 Plus ones. Decided to go through and check on students that are no longer at our school to make sure their books did get changed over to 'lost' so they could be billed for anything they still had from our school. Had my aides out four classes of science books for Mr. M today and start to check in his returns. Got in the report of the books that are probably 'lost' from the textbook inventory, so I went out this afternoon after school was out and checked all the LA classrooms for books. I even found a few! There are two sets of books, one on Nellie Bly (one of the first newspaper women) and one on the Changing Earth (language arts??) that I would be really happy to find. Wishing and hoping to find! But as it sits right now, we are 98.51% inventoried, so I feel good about that number since it's only my first year there!

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