The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Tom Sawyer's Fence

Had a lot more of idle students today as the classes in had more and more students done with their testing. So again, I put them to work! Today they did copy status for me, and I hope did a good job. During 5th period, I had two boys in my office working away and doing a great job for me, and by the end of the period I had about ten kids all wanting to help looking in the window! I should have charged them to help with something in the library and it would have been a lot better than going around shushing them! I wish I would have had enough work to do that they all could have been doing something good! Asked about our Scholastic book BOGO sale. No, it won't be online. Worked on my May newsletter entry. Checked in and out students. Shipped some math books back to Crossler. Another library media assistant had a fix for our search engines so they would just come up with our own school rather than all of them. Closed down all the computers tonight so they can rest over the weekend. Closed up the windows. Off to play with my granddaughters!

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