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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Yeah! The HVAC people came out today and though they couldn't fix the heat problem, they at least got it stopped until they can come out and fix it! You could feel the change already! So much better! Did a lot of patrolling of the students who had finished up testing already. A few of the ringleaders I crooked my finger at with a 'come here' look in my eye and they came and so I put them to work! Idle hands and all that, so I put the idle hands to work and they seemed to really appreciate doing something other than just sitting and trying to be quiet. I think it worked well and I was able to get books shifted and move some stuff around so things were much much better! All the English is now all together, mostly except for stuff I'm thinking we'll end up deleting. I moved all the Spanish out by the science books and you can see all the books now and it looks so much cleaner without wondering 'what is that stack in the back there?'  I'm hoping my LA inventory is approved! My amazing volunteer took care of all the textbooks in the back of the student store and we got down to 98.31%! I'd say that's pretty good! I'm hoping we are done! Lots of good things and good help and I think the kids appreciated it too! Sent the list to our principal of all the computers we want dedicated to our generic login. I guess some kids are using it even out of Leslie so they don't have to login as themselves! They are so sneaky! So we are sending in the computers in the building that will be the only computers you can use the generic login on. Ha! That will foil the little rascals!

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