The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Heat Wave

This is my island in the sun, hoo hoo! One of my favorite snatches from the Muppet Christmas Carol! The heat is still on so I'm glad I prepared by wearing a short sleeve shirt today. Got all the computers up and running for the day. Switched out the table books and put out some of our CCSS (Common Core State Standards) books out for the kids to look at. I worked on the math books from yesterday, then had my two morning aides finish off checking them. Sent out another set of Afternoon of the Elves to another school. Had our final OBOB battle and team Firestar won the battle! They will now be our team to battle against the other middle schools in May. They rarely miss a question! Realized we have this fan in the workroom, so I brought that out and we set it up so it blows into the computer lab so at least they are getting moving air in there while they test. I had to get an extension cord and then tape it down over two walkways to find an outlet to plug it into. Another great day in the library, think I'll bring a thermometer tomorrow to see how hot it really is!

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