The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


As Mr. C said today. All my inventory for this year is done. All finalized and done. That was a big weight off my shoulders! So we spent time getting things ready to finish with the fiction R - Z. And there lots of little things to take care of all day. Pulled some more biographies and decided to do a bit of hunting since we don't really have a lot of new or current people. So I went on some lists of biographies for middle schoolers and came up with a list of about 15 I will order in the fall. That just took time to look them up, read the synopsis, find age/grade level and decide if that was something we could use in here. Mrs. M's kids were still in looking for biographies today. Ordered one in from another school for a girl. Another for a boy. Did some laminating today. Repaired a book. I really need to get on that for my shelf full of books. Got in my box of stuff for the BOGO scholastic book sale, so we'll see how that goes. Library was pretty quiet and manageable today. Asked our custodian if there was a way I could get my windows cleaned and he said sure! I am so excited!!

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