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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lost Earring

Man, I am so bummed. I just got earrings in Kauai when we were there and I lost one at work today. Didn't notice until I got home, so I'm hoping I'll find it when I get in tomorrow morning. Finished off destroying the books that are on their way to new homes. Finished up a lot of repairs. Worked on some reports. I think I'll have my volunteers tomorrow look for lost books. Had a girl swear she had turned in a book. So I looked it up, F Derby. Then I noticed that the book was called Derby Girls, how odd is that? An author uses her name in a title like that? Then I noticed her name was Cross, so we went over to the shelf and by golly, there was the book under F Cross, so I went in and changed the record so that when we look it up again it'll come up under the right name! Checked headphones today (probably that's when my earring came off, I'm hoping...) Had our OBOB meeting during B lunch today and the boys did much better than they did last week! Sent them home with a letter to give to their folks on getting them to Houck for the battle next month.

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