The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Started working today on the last of the weeding. Got through the 'R's'. Also got almost all the math books moved over to one wall. Started thinking about the lit books and how to handle them. Started moving over the DayBooks to where math used to be. Thought the yellow were 6th grade, but now it looks like maybe the orange ones are 6th?? Mr. M's classes were in all day and I finally went through our non-fiction and put about 8 different books out on each table so they could sit down and thumb through stuff while they waited for other students in the class after they were done. My lovely volunteer finished covering the new books so that is done! Huzzah! Had two online orders come in from the Scholastic book fair so I'm sure the two boys will be happy tomorrow to come and get their books! Stamped and got a big stack of books ready for processing. Some I bought from the fair, others from JLG, others from our Books Are Fun guys that bring cool stuff to buy and give procedes to the library, and one girl is always donating books! I'll have to make sure she gets recognized for that! 

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