The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today we held our first real battle in our school's own Battle of the Books! I had three teams competing and 2 of them did really well and the other wasn't so great, but they tried. One of the teams only missed one question, but just by a nuance of an answer! They will be hard to beat! We will meet again next Wednesday and get down to just one group and they will finish off in May by going against the other middle schools. More covering went on today. Had classes in all day in the computer lab to take the OAKS test. Next week I believe we switch to the SBAC. I was afraid that our battle kids were too loud, not with their answers, but their comments to each other, but our test teacher said we were fine. Had two classes in today to check out books. Had help with 1st period, but just me for 5th period. Lots of books to put away. Did some shelving, listened to torrential rain fall on the shed roof of the library. It really pounded away.

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