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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Covering Up

Got an email this morning from Ms. S and gathered together four class sets of To Kill a Mockingbird and two sets of Night for her classes today and tomorrow. Three of her classes came in today, and I circulated from the back of the group. We have 412 copies and if we use 1-300 all the time, then 301-412 are nearly new. So, I've given the front copies a rest for this go round. A student came to me looking for a book on Jack Dempsey and so I showed him where to go on the Sprague site, and how to use our search engine to look stuff up. I only made one mistake! I forgot to have him pick just the Sprague library instead of all of them! I unpacked another two boxes of books today and after I worked on repairing four The American Experience, decided to put on my librarian hat and work on the new books since we have gotten so many in. We have three rolls of covers laminated and I started by getting one roll and cutting out all the covers. Then I helped Mrs. H for a bit relabeling our old books. They are looking very nice! Then I went back to my desk after lunch and covered all the books I had cut out the covers for, and cut out another roll of covers to work on tomorrow. Another email from a teacher that she'd like to bring classes by tomorrow to check out Algebra 2 Units 7-13 tomorrow and Monday, so I pulled those and let Mrs. J know that they'd be in early on Monday since I don't get in until 9. Books that caught my eye: Prince of Stories - all about Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors; Owning It - ten stories about teens with disabilities; No Choirboy - about teens that have been sentenced to death row and their stories in there; Looks - how an overweight teen makes an alliance with an underweight teen; Boost - how far will a cheerleader and a girl basketball player go to stay on their teams; A Boy Named Beckoning - about Dr. Carlos Montezuma who was a Yavapai Indian kidnapped in 1866 and sold to a western photographer. He ended up going to college at 14, and after getting his doctor's license, going back to help out his people. Amazing! The Letter Writer - a girl lives with her stepbrother and is finally given a job writing letters for his mother - loved the back cover blurb: "Warning: This is a historical novel. Read at your own risk. The writer feels it necessary to alert you to the fact that you might enjoy it." I was in heaven getting to handle all these new books and excited that tomorrow they'll go out to our school for the students to begin checking out!

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