The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Freshmen CIS

I had freshmen in the computer lab this morning and they worked on their personal information, my plan, and course planner. They had worked with Mrs. A on skills and jobs that go along with those skills and she had given me some posters of that exercise so I hung them up along the back book shelf for the kids to reference while they worked on the 'my plan' career assessment portion, and some of them did go and look. Checked out Geometry Connections Volume 2 and checked in Geometry Connections Volume 1. Lots of kids checking in and out individual texts all day. Checked in some teacher materials for Ms. B, processed Shape magazine. Talked with Mrs. H about the book cart and going through the short stories that were pulled and looking them over to see which ones we will keep and which we will send to surplus - she particularly wants my sci-fi/fantasy advice! Set up lots of The American Experience for glue drying over the weekend and also got a lot of books put back on the shelf, spent most of the day doing that.

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