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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roses and Cupcakes

Friday - April 17th - Came in to see a big Happy Birthday banner stretched across my desk, and lovely cards for me to read. I worked with freshmen again on the CIS lab. This was their first time, so I led them through the personal information, Self-Knowledge, Research and Goals, and My Course Planner portions of the website. I got a call to the office when that was done and headed off to pick up a gorgeous bouquet of long stemmed roses from my hubby. Then I worked the main desk for a bit, so was up there when my mom came in with cupcakes and to wish me Happy Birthday! She started to sing when she came in. We took the massive fancy mini-cake cupcakes into the back and after we library staff took ours, I set the rest out for our aides to each have a half of one. I checked in and out books all day, but mostly worked on covering the paperbacks. Got lots of 'Happy Birthday' from students and staff. Book notes: We now have R.A. Salvatore books. We had a student that had asked in our wish box for some, so now we should have plenty!

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