The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Worked on covering the paperbacks most of the day, and got in two new boxes of books to add to that. Had a few hardcovers to do, so I popped them out. One of our new hardcovers is damaged, the hinge is torn, so Mrs. H called to see if we could get a replacement copy. We have lots of our new books on the rack and I like it! Processed Spin magazine, got a call to get ready some Ricochet River books, the edited version only please! - So I let Ms. Swan know that the author had come in last year and traded out the unedited version for all edited ones. She was happy about that. Mr. H brought his class by to turn in The Great Gatsby. Had to check a book out to a student in detention. Security brought in a textbook from a locker search and then found a missing book from the library in there as well - yeah! Had a call while Mrs. H was away from her desk on 'The Decades' a 26 DVD set he wanted to send for approval, and I told him to call back and ask for Mrs. H, but then she came by and talked with him and said yes, we'd like to do the preview for it. Checked in and out a lot of books. Helped two students learn about our search computers to locate some books. Helped a student find a book on the shelf. Some interesting new books: The Secret of Sarah Revere - Paul's daughter. Briar Rose - a tale of Sleeping Beauty during the Holocaust. The Faery Reels - new short stories by Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, yum! The Burn Journals - a memoir from a 14 year old boy who set himself on fire.

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