The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I finished covering the new hardback books so next will be the paperbacks. Since we had a group of leadership kids in today that were good at it, we let them get started on those. I got to help some students log in to the computers, checked out The Bean Trees to Mr. H's second period class. Stocked the cart with To Kill a Mockingbird for Ms. M's class and students trickled over all fourth period checking one out. Several also checked in their Prentice Hall Literature Gold books as well. Checked in Witness from Ms. C's class and got the rest of our Out of the Dust for her next read. We only had 24 and she needed 36, so I contacted the other teacher who is using those to see if she has twelve ready to come back for us, or I may borrow some from another school. Books of note I covered today: T4 - a deaf girl in 1939 Germany hides from T4, responsible for killing off disabled Germans. The author is deaf herself and wrote it in exquisite prose verse. Everything Is Fine - a teen thinks that if she keeps saying that, it might be. Margaret Chase Smith - A Woman for President - back in 1964 this woman announced her candidacy for President on a major ticket. She was quite a remarkable woman! The Boy Who Dared - based on the true story of a Hitler youth. Fearless - a boy works with Henry Winstanley on the Eddystone Light on a dangerous reef on the English Cornwall coast.

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