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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Aid

I came in early today since Mrs. J had a dental appointment for a cracked tooth - ouch! So, I opened up the library, lights on, computers on, door opened and got to work on finishing up the new hardbacks and got them all covered today. We also got in our requested Out of the Dust copies from North, so I entered them in the system and checked them out to Ms. C and had one of our aides take them over to her. Two of Mrs. A's classes came in and turned in lots of Prentice Hall Literature Platinum and some Writers Inc. books. Then one class chose to check out Treasure Island and the other Homeless Bird for their next reading book. I checked in assorted books from the book drop. Helped Ms. S check over suitable books for their Read 180 class. Got an email from Mrs. S asking if we could bring down 15 Western Garden to her by 11:30. Luckily I checked my email at 11:20, got them, checked them out and had an aide take them to her. Began to process the new First Aid books, set them up and printed off new barcodes, and began stamping, numbering and covering them. I also got in a class set of First Aid and notified the teacher that she still has three checked out to her. Mr. G had two classes today that needed to print things for a project and we put money into their accounts if they needed it, so I did a lot of that today as well. Books of note: All We Know of Heaven - two girls are in an accident and one lives and the other dies - the real heartache comes when they realize they've mixed up the names of who lived, and who died. Ink Exchange - a girl picks a new tattoo with eyes and wings and delves into the faerie world. Big Fat Manifesto - don't feel sorry for fat girl, she's fine and doing well. How to Ditch Your Fairy - One girl has a shopping fairy, but Charlie has a parking fairy and smells slightly of gasoline - why her?

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