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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Econ, Fashion and Science in a Bean Tree

When we sent back our defective Economics books last year, we were short 13 books in the final accounting that they sent to us this morning, so Mrs. H came and asked me where we are with those. Last year one of the other textbook librarians gave me a good way to keep track of old texts by editing their name with a 'wd' for withdrawn at the front. So, with the defective books, I did that and was able to print up a report for the missing books. About ten of them were billed to students, we did get four returned today and traded them in for the new printing. So, we are actually in good shape with our accounting. The only problem we have is that nine of those students have graduated or withdrawn, and chances are, we will never see those books or get reimbursed for them (students can graduate with books out, but will not receive their final report card). That's about $660 worth of books. Ms. C gave me an update on the World of Fashion Merchandising texts. She had checked them all out to her at the beginning of the term and kept a checkout sheet in her room, so every once in awhile she'll go over who has what and I check out the books to their current student. Lots of students put money into their print accounts today. Had a new student we loaded up with texts. I helped write up a recommendation for a student for governing board (I think it was that one!). Processed magazines, two to Mr. O' and Time and People for the library. Ms. K came back with the 8th edition of Introductory to Physical Science and said that it would work for her classes next fall, so I contacted the school and let them know that yes, we would like to borrow 40 for fall term - so I will need to contact her next fall to remind her. I then sent back the one copy they had loaned us. A student told me she loved my calendars:) I finished the old books, covering them and putting on new labels and got the aides to start shelving them and went back to covering the new books. Got done with another set of laminated covers getting them on the books and started the last set of covers. Ms. S finally came with her class and picked up Night. Mr. H came and asked for The Bean Trees for tomorrow, two class sets worth. Since he's coming in first period, I took a set up to the main desk so they can pick them up from there as I won't be in yet and let Mrs. J know he'd be in for them. It was National Library Workers Day today and to celebrate Mrs. H bought us lunch from Luv-Luv Teriyaki. She is so good to us - I love working for her!

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