The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Came in early for BJ and set up the library for the day. Turned on computers, lights on, unlocked doors, wrote up the white board for the computer lab schedule for the day. Watched over the Manga Club meeting. Checked out class set of Brave New World. Checked out a class set of Witness to Mrs. S and had our aide take them down to her. Checked in Geometry Connections Volume 1 and then checked out to them Geometry Connections Volume 2. Got more ready for tomorrow. Fixed an Anne Rice book that had a label all mucky and peeling off. I had a student ask for help on citing references for her report on The Great Gatsby. She didn't understand how to cite the notes, so I looked at what her teacher wanted and told her how I thought it should go. I had another student in from Study Hall that kept getting off track and I had to shut him out of games twice. I emailed his teacher and said that the next time he's sent down, if he would call and let me know, I could have the student sit by me and keep him more on track. Processed Asimov's magazine. Most of the day I again worked on The American Experience books. Next year I think we'll hand out from the end first, and cycle these ones out.

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