The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorting Giggles

Today was our staff meeting for an hour and we discussed the upcoming accredidation audit along with some other issues. We had two families that their homes burned down and when I got back to my desk, I notified Ms. S that I had a loveseat they could have if needed. I checked out a class set of Out of the Dust and checked in and out students all day. I did some repair, but Mrs. H decided that we needed to sort through the books that her sub pulled from our 'never checked out' list. We had two carts to sort through and decide if we were going to keep certain books, or surplus them out. It was fun in a way to look through these old books and make the decision to keep or not. I must admit I got hysterical giggles over a chapter in a book, "Hold that Reservation St. Peter, I'm not Ready Yet!" all about the 'new' science of transplants. Ms. K asked if we could get in some additional Introductory to Physical Science books so I've sent out a request. We went through two carts worth and weeded out half of them. We also got in five boxes of new books from LMSS and got those set onto a cart. Old books, new books, another great day in our library!

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