The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Nice to Work!

I was soooo tempted to not come in today because the weather was incredible! Yesterday hitting up to 70 degrees, today going up to 74 - Absolutely the best weather in the world to be out in! But, I still go into work and it's a great day in the library! I come in to a question on an old PO about our First Aid/CPR books, so I look into them and find that no, we never got in the 70 requested, the last time we got any new ones in were in September of 2007, just 20. Ms. S asks about our Night books and can we get anymore, and I remember that we do have library copies to supplement the textbook copies and that should be enough for her and Ms. M's classes. I work on the never ending The American Experience books that sat all weekend to dry their glue and I work on getting them finished up and put back on the shelf. Our aides are getting tested for their shelving and when my aide is done, I check out his twelve shelves and he only has two books that are out of order. Process Imagine, People, Time and another magazine I don't remember right now! Check in and out various texts for students. When the staff meeting starts I finish closing down the computer lab, shut my window, pick up the print money and go into the back and start working on more TAE. Then I'm out to enjoy the sun and warm weather for the rest of the day!

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