The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I brought back the rest of The Hobbit books and the Brave New Worlds that were turned in. Worked on finishing up repairs on The American Experience that were on the 'glue drying' pile. I monitored the labs and found two students trying to command prompt to shut down other computers. I print screened the one who was trying out what the other one was telling the first student to do. I got Mr. A and Mr. R and they took the students to the tech room and talked to them, disabling the one account for the rest of the day. I got the cart ready to hand out Ricochet River for tomorrow. Two of our students had their home burn down and working with counseling staff we got the O.K. to go ahead and check them out a second set of books. I cleaned up the back workroom of all the covers that were made with the shaving cream. The smell back there was getting very noticable and I wasn't sure if it was from those papers in a small space or not, so I moved them all out and put them under a box in the main library to press flat. The students making the books needed to print stories today, so I helped feed in the special paper with the right sides as they printed one page at a time. Tedious, but the ones we did turned out great! I also covered a few of the new paperbacks we got in a couple of days ago. Took money for print accounts, checked in and out books to individuals, had my aide work in the back putting away and organizing the books by descending numbers on the shelves to help get ready for inventory at the end of the year.

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