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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shaving Cream on Earth Day

I decided to walk to and from work today to celebrate Earth Day (8 miles round trip!) I worked today on the First Aid books that didn't get finished up yesterday. Then we discovered that some of them hadn't been properly covered, so I had to peel off covers, reseam the spines, bone out the bubbles and I worked on that most of the day. Got to play with shaving cream as an art project for our book making session that we will have tomorrow. Mrs. H had a recipe for dipping construction paper in shaving cream mixed with food coloring and it turned out pretty nicely. We tested a couple of different batches, and how it would clean up in the back. So, we are all set for tomorrow. Checked out Catcher in the Rye, taught a student how to use our library search computers. He was looking for a fiction book on World War 2. I also caught a student on myspace trying to download computer control files. Not good. Mrs. T went over and talked to her about it. It was also Professional Office Staff Appreciation and we were treated to a wonderful Oly Catering lunch, I got an Italian Ice (raspberry) from the Oly Lounge, and a limerick with a pansy and a candle. It was nice to be treated!

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