The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 10, 2014

3 out of 4!

Well, three out of four classes ain't bad! My three morning classes were almost perfectly behaved, but my last class totally was way more interested in the kids outside on recess than in checking out books! Did my LLI class this morning, then a bit of library time, then my three classes, my lunch, then cafeteria duty, then my crazy class, more library time and up to Mrs. M's room to IA, after school back down to the library. I got my PO number for my Baker and Taylor order, but realized I had two books already and didn't want to order them, so I found out through an email, how to take them off, and added two others. But before I hit the 'send' button, called LMSS to find out if I needed to do anything else, and oh my! Yes I do! There's a bunch of stuff I need to change, redo the PO list but shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as I don't need more money, found a couple of items that looked good when I made the list but now are out of stock or other catagories, so I'll have to go through and check it all again, so that will wait until Monday. Thank goodness for the great folks at LMSS, they have helped me out a lot! My back room is a total disaster, but oh well, it's Friday and I'm out of here :)

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