The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bink & Gollie

I came into work today feeling very stressed and so behind already. Came in and worked some on taking down my bulletin board and finally got it all down later on in the day. Checked in books, ran room reports on what's due this week. Did LLI today and had only one of my students there! It was so good to hear him all on his own. He really did well until my other student showed up at the end of class. Went up to Mrs. M's room and she had some Times for kids there, so I separated them and then got all the computers ready for reading, then she told me to go ahead and work in the library. I called her and offered to bring her class up when they were done with music and she appreciated that back. Ran the upstairs computer lab for the kids, then back down for lunch. We had our Reading is Fun group come in and give me a coupon for two free books on their last visit, so I put that in and asked for two books and they gave me three! And Snowmen books! I had to email him and make sure that it was all right for me to keep them all and our rep said yes! I got them all ready to go back to LMSS for processing. I was so excited! My mom also gave me one of her kid books so I sent that one in too. Lunch for me then cafeteria duty. Then back up to Mrs. M's room and she was there reading Bink and Gollie to her class, and a part of me wanted to go back down to the library, but she did such a magnificent job of reading and getting the kids to respond to the book, it made my whole day. Turned my whole day around. Then I worked with the kids on Fraction Bingo, then we were done for the day. A quick meeting on a new student, cleaned up a bit then off to tonight's ENVoY class.

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