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Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Classes

Today I had in five classes. One of my classes from Wednesday was on their 'expectation' walk when they were supposed to have library time, so I let the teacher know when I had some prep time in the library and said I would be happy to let them come in then. Better to have them come in and get books than no new books for the three day weekend at all! Had my LLI group and two of them graduated since they are now reading at grade level, so that's good! But I'm sad to see them go. Into the library, more emails from technology to answer, some shelving, checking in books. Then my classes. I love my first set of Kinders, they are so cute and so interested in everything I do! Then lunch, then cafeteria duty. Worked on my Bush Leaves newsletter from the meeting yesterday, my last two classes, then up to Mrs. M's class for afternoon math. I hosted the 'fraction memory game.' Not sure if I did it right, but I had fun and it seemed as if the kids were talking about their fractions. Back down to the library. Email to one of the people I used to volunteer for at Salem Public Library to see if she'd come do a presentation next month here for "Love of Reading" month that we are celebrating in February. I hope she can come. Managed before I left to shelve all the books that came in last week, but have stacks and stacks of books from this week that I haven't even sorted yet, but I'm tired, it's time to go home. They won't be going anywhere over the three day weekend. I hope.

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