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Monday, January 13, 2014

Teaching Tolerance

Had a student who had her class come into the computer lab today and she looked and read books for awhile since for some reason she couldn't be on them, and then she came up to me and asked if she could help me. So I started to show her about shelving non-fiction, going by number and then by author. She got really excited when she 'got it!' Made my day! Mrs. M also made my day by letting me do library things while her class was attending a puppet play so I got in some much needed shelving! I also tidied up my Baker and Taylor order and got my new books about a dollar under my purchasing order, so I felt very good about that and sent the order in! Can't wait until my stuffs arrive! Had an assembly today, so no LLI, walked the Bush Gyre before, then watched the assembly. Our word for the month is Tolerance, so that works well with our reading about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week. Helped out in Mrs. M's class getting Box Top for Education coupons counted and checked for expiration date. Helped with reading with the kids. Cafeteria duty, then my first class of the week came in, and I had come up with a way to explain how segregation worked. I randomly handed out green and blue paper slips and asked if they got to choose their eye color, body color, their parents, if they were born rich or poor, could pick out their siblings. Then I had them line up, blues on one side, and greens on the other and told the green people, they could only check out books from the cart that only had about half a shelf of discarded books, while the blue kids, got to pick from every book in the library. Then I collected all the slips and let them all check out. I think it made an impression! Got some shelving done today, a whole shelf of non-fiction shelved and another shelf all ready to be shelved. 

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